ONE Enacts COVID-19 Readiness Measures

to Protect People and Stay Accessible to Support Affected Companies

UPDATE 3/16/20 

The safety and well-being of our employees remains the top priority of ONE Business Solutions. Our Senior Team is implementing updated protocols to our operations effective as of this morning. These measures represent our commitment to being creative, generous, and resourceful helpers in order to withstand what is now an unprecedented reality— as a service business, as employers, and as a small business representing our customers and the thousands of calls taken daily.


Government mandates and medical directives are being rolled out with increasing precaution in an effort to drastically reduce the gathering of groups and slow the transmission of COVID-19. In our workplaces, every allowance for our team members has been considered and is being approved to ensure a safe workplace for all. 


While the days to come may require that we make further changes, our goal at present is that we ensure we are continuing to service our clients throughout several possibilities that may result of the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting our employees at our best. 


Today's updates include: 


    1.  All employees whose self-isolation has been deemed medically prudent have been transitioned to work-from-home, effective immediately. . 

    2.  This emergency is already impacting the usage of our services. An increase in demand has resulted in the hiring and training of new team members. A larger team of agents guarantees coverage of increasing call volume at a time when illness is anticipated in numbers that cannot be predicted. 

    3.  In the short term, employees working in any of our facilities will be offered food and home goods to ensure the safety and well being of their families.This includes organic grass fed beef, as well as home paper products. 

    4.  Employees whose financial need has increased due to closures of workplaces and schools have been offered additional means to plan for unforeseen circumstances at home.

    5.  Employee wages will be raised in differentials for those taking on additional hours, supporting the training of new employees, as well as time and a half overtime wages paid out as needed throughout the forthcoming times of increased volume.


We are committed to taking every action allowable to ensure our business hours are available to all clients, with an emphasis on service for the most critical clients in healthcare whose communications with the public are essential at this time. 


ONE will continue to update our teams and clients as needed. We wish to extend an enormous wave of gratitude to the agents, supervisors, trainers, and departments throughout our company who are committed to delivering their utmost to support one another through these circumstances. ONE also offers our continued care and concern for the well-being of the many health workers partnered with our branded centers. Know that your example is seen, and your colleagues in the communications world are honoring you. We are with you. 


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On March 11, 2020, ONE Business Solutions has enacted advanced healthy workplace protocols to protect our employees and guarantee that continuous services for our clients will continue. We are prepared to respond to COVID-19 cases in the regions of our branded centers. Above all else, the safety and wellness of all personnel is our chief concern.

Further, we are preparing our coverage system to support increasing call intake for our existing clients nationwide that will seek backup phone and business operations support in the weeks and months ahead.

In the most extreme of circumstances, ONE is prepared. Off-site operations can be continuous and at scale to our current clientele by redistributing staff to work from home or isolated locations. All personnel must be monitored and treated in the care of medical professionals should any member of our teams suspect or confirm exposure to COVID-19. Our operations will be modified extensively to work for the protection of our employees and we have plans in place to take care of all clientele with no drop in the quality of service.                            

What the Response Looks Like Inside Our Workplaces:

Health Protocols: 

A cooperative effort across our locations in Tennessee, Ohio and California are guaranteeing that all hygienic practices in our workplaces are escalating with strict enforcement. In addition to the sanitation guidelines maintained in our call centers on a regular basis, ONE’s personnel are now utilizing disinfectant for their hands and equipment multiple times per shift and between shifts, with increasing steps to reduce contact with shared surfaces. 


While on-site operations are evaluated daily, our company is providing healthy food options for meal times to mitigate the risk of unnecessary exposure in public spaces. We have voiced caution to all personnel and received unanimous cooperation to scaling back non-essential personal visits to public events and locations. 


Our team is auditing remote-work readiness for all agents and will be furnishing equipment and conducting advanced training to transition on-site employees to work-from-home on a case-by-case basis or as a company-wide response. These accommodations will be seamless for individual and community needs. 


Mandatory Health Evaluations for Workplace Attendance:         

All personnel will seek immediate evaluation of any symptoms including provision for on-shift visits with virtual doctors and to use our call-off line to seek medical care before being cleared to return to work. 


What Happens if COVID-19 cases emerge within the company? 

The call center division of ONE operates in Seymour, Tennessee, and throughout satellite locations in the continental United States supporting customers of
Answering Service One, Call Center Sales Pro, New Connections Communication Services, Seagate Connections, and Redding Telephone Answering Service. We are abiding by public health determinations issued by agencies serving our counties, states, as well as the medical expertise of individuals managing directives in conjunction with US government officials.

On Supporting Your Businesses When Reducing On-Site Operations:

ONE Business Solutions is prepared to help as an affordable option to support caller intake to businesses relocating staff to remote work locations or impacted by medical leave and self-quarantine measures. 


The unique protocols of businesses are triaged by ONE staff and can be met with both people and technology that facilitates high-call volume in addition to advanced services in calendar management— communicating cancellations and reschedules, clinical phone triage, and outbound information dissemination via phone, text, and email.


We are available 24/7 at (800) 901-7776 to talk with you about how ONE can help sustain you during business hours and beyond, for backup and overflow call intake and associated business operations. We are committed to being a support to your team as part of a management response to the impacts of COVID-19 in your company and for further emergency planning.   

Stay healthy. Stay safe. 

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